Ruby pink is an adult pink

JULY 2, 2024


I'm Shima from gemish, a natural stone accessory brand.

As I have written before, I once lived in Australia, and one day while walking around the neighborhood I noticed bougainvillea blooming near the house where I was living at the time.

I remember being surprised when I first saw it, with the shocking pink flowers covering the entire wall. Recently, you can see them being sold in pots at florists in Japan, but back then I was mesmerized by the shocking pink of the bougainvillea when I first saw it.

The pink ruby ​​is the same color as the bougainvillea. Its shocking pink color is beautiful.

Ruby is the birthstone for July, but the ruby ​​that we commonly know is red and I thought it would be difficult to wear as an accessory.

But pink rubies are cute.

It's a mature pink, not too cute, and has a calm impression, making it easy to wear.

It's a pop color but it's beautiful and I love this color.




K10 Ruby Necklace [July Birthstone]

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