K10 Ruby Necklace [July Birthstone]


This is a very cute necklace featuring ruby, the birthstone for July . This K10 necklace has an asymmetrical design that creates a stylish look when worn.
The chain is K10, so you can use it for a long time. The clasp has a single rainbow moonstone, so it's a cute necklace that looks cute from behind. It's a great item to have.

Product Information
Item Number n067
Material K10YG
Size/Dimensions 42cm
stone Ruby (July birthstone)
Stone size 2mm x 1.5mm (Ruby), 3mm (Rainbow Moonstone) (Please note that as these are natural stones, there may be slight variations in the size of the stones.)
Notes The color may differ from the actual product depending on the color reproduction of your monitor.

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While traveling in Australia, I saw a lot of pearls and opals and it made me want to provide more cute accessories to people in Japan.

I like movies, music and traveling.

I believe that the things I saw, the scenery I saw, the sounds I heard, all of these things make up Gemish.

Simple things. I aim to create accessories that are simple yet unique in design.


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