I didn't like power stones.

MAY 29, 2024


I'm Shima from gemish, a natural stone accessory brand.

I never really liked power stones.
I can't really explain it, but I didn't like it.

As I wrote before, I have lived in Australia and had the opportunity to speak to many foreigners.
I spoke to people from various countries, not just Australians.
A common question asked during these conversations was, "Do you have any religion?"

It's normal for foreigners to believe in religion, but I think there are many Japanese people who don't have much to do with religion.

I occasionally go to shrines and temples, but it feels more like I go there as a ritual (I go to shrines during New Year's, or take part in memorial services and other events in a passive manner), and I've never had any particular religious beliefs, so I think that's why I didn't like power stones because they seemed a little bit like religion.

But religion isn't a bad thing, and neither are power stones.

In a world where good and evil, profit and loss, happiness and unhappiness are all mixed together, I believe that the "power to believe" in a better future is important for people to live strong lives.
But it's hard to believe in an invisible power. Or rather, because it's invisible, we tend to think negatively.

Just as visiting a beautiful church or shrine can make people feel like a better future is coming, I hope that wearing the accessories I make can help people have faith in something.




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